Account Executive (Saudi Arabia)

Accelerating the Web3 transformation journey Blockchain application development is hard. Fewer than 1% of developers have experience with this technology but it is increasingly clear that everyone on the planet will be positively impacted in the coming years by blockchain, as meaningful applications are built and adoption increases. SettleMint is here to make blockchain application […]

UI/UX Web 3.0 Designer

About UNXD and Role UNXD is a curated NFT marketplace for the best of digital culture. We believe NFTs are bigger than digital alone. With a team from the luxury, culture, and physical world, UNXD’s NFTs aims to bring “tangibility” into the NFT space. Our starting point is to intertwine the digital and physical worlds. […]

Discord Specialist

Overview DeFi is the very foundation upon which a fair, trustless and inclusive global economy is being built. Our purpose is to contribute to building this financial system, more specifically shaping how users trade, invest or transact. Magpie protocol is a cross-chain liquidity aggregator that enables seamless cross-chain swaps with near-instant finality and cost efficiency […]