Real Vision helps people understand the complex world of finance, business, and the global economy with real in-depth analysis by real experts through the power of its community.
The company is on a mission to democratize the very best financial intelligence for all and become the one place where everyone lives their financial lives.
This enhanced platform will offer members different learning journeys that put them in control of their finances. Members will be able to watch videos, listen to podcasts, monitor market prices, analyze markets and economies, do technical analysis, create watch lists, read and publish research, monitor their portfolios, execute trades across both Tradfi and Crypto, and contribute to a thriving hive mind community.
Have you typed WAGMI enough times to find yourself digging into why it’s become a part of our cultural lexicon? Are you so curious by nature that even the government couldn’t make sense of your search history? Do you empathize with just about anyone –regardless of how you feel or what you believe – just to see the world from their eyes?
If you said “yes” to those questions, read on.
We’re looking for an empathetic generalist at heart who’s a brand<>comms<>media planner by trade. Someone who seeks new and interesting ways to understand people stays ahead of the curve when it comes to identifying trends (business, consumer, cultural), instinctively spots big brand ideas, and believes “fortune favors the brave.” (And knows that these infamous words
courtesy of Matt Damon inspired an entire episode of South Park.)
While fortune-favoring-the-brave is often taken lightly these days, we’re trying to live up to its original intent by giving people the confidence, control, and connection to build their financial world.
In order to do this, we need to see the world through their eyes. And we need to tell stories across different media that hit an emotional chord.
That’s why we need your help.

Day-to-Day Responsibilities

      • Report to and partner with our Chief Experience Officer to develop Real Vision’s brand architecture and deliver a consistent message across everything we do.
      • Work with our member-facing Research & Insights team to frame consumer behavior with a specific focus at the intersection of humans & culture.
      • Use primary and secondary research to explore category and competition.
      • Frame-up category, competition, culture, and consumer in the form of positioning maps,
      • brand perception maps, and other artifacts to identify white spaces for growth.
      • Develop compelling, single-minded creative briefs from all of this work and then share them with teams in a way that informs as much as it inspires.
      • Become the trusted advisor to creative directors, art directors, designers, copywriters, and our social media and marketing teams by constantly being by their side – providing inspiration from around the world (e.g., campaigns, events, products, apps, etc.) – leading to the development of delightful, magical experiences and the messaging that surrounds it all.
      • Evaluate creative ideas to ensure they nail the brief and, ultimately, address the insights uncovered in your research.
      • Test concepts, copy, and designs as needed to check the temperature of your target audiences.
      • Present strategic ideas (i.e., what we need to do/say) while successfully teeing up creative teams to pitch creative concepts (i.e., how we’re going to do/say it).
      • Partner with our SVP of Marketing to:
      • ○Develop the brand’s annual marketing communications plan – aligned to our
      • ○organizational and financial goals – including both brand-building and direct response initiatives.
      • ○ Create media plans as needed to test different paid, owned, and earned channels.
      • ○ Define and measure our Brand Health metrics as part of a broader marketing metrics dashboard.

Our Ideal Candidate Profile

    • You possess a deep, innate understanding of how to craft brand narratives that people care about.
    • You are familiar with quantitative and qualitative research methodologies.
    • You use insights, analytics, and various tools of the brand planning craft to generate strategies that cut through the noise.
    • You have experience interviewing diverse populations in both large and small groups, performing field visits, and conducting usability studies (in-person or remote).
    • You are able to spot the difference between an observation and an insight.
    • You have experience with secondary research tools (e.g., Gartner, Kantar, Nielsen, Gallup, WARC, etc.) but have also spent time building your own custom toolbox of freely accessible databases, blogs, and offbeat URLs.
    • You can quickly segment groups of people and give them catchy names (e.g., Negative Nellys).
    • You find yourself doing Beautiful Mind things on surfaces you really shouldn’t be writing on.
    • You love to position almost anything in a 2-by-2 grid, Venn diagram, or other geometric shapes (e.g., conjoined triangles of success).
    • You love drawing brand houses, keyholes, pyramids, and flywheels.
    • You are a storyteller at your core who enjoys inspiring teams – especially creatives – with insights that lead to big ideas.
    • You are an excellent presenter who can adapt your message to a variety of audiences.
    • Your appetite for reading is insatiable – especially when it comes to business & cultural trends.
    • You are a student of advertising and traditional brand planning concepts. In fact, when you hear the name Stephen King, you immediately think of JWT instead of The Shining.
    • You have an agency or client-side background and have helped move the needle for brands using traditional media, social media, digital marketing, event marketing, and content marketing.
    • You are able to travel as needed to conduct field research. The exact percentage of travel required will vary based on the research plans you develop.
    • You love collaborating with others to solve problems.
    • You are self-driven and have an entrepreneurial spirit.
    • You are able to adjust on the fly without getting tripped up.
    • You are passionate about helping others achieve their goals.

Required Qualifications

    • You have at least 5 years of practical, hands-on, strategic planning experience in the areas of brand planning, comms planning, and/or media planning.
    • You graduated with at least a BA/BS degree in Marketing, Anthropology, Social Sciences, Psychology, Human Factors, HCI/Computer Science, Business, or in a related field that has helped you transition into a brand strategy role.
    • Understanding how you’ve worked on past projects will be a critical part of the initial vetting process, so we’re asking all candidates to share any relevant artifacts (e.g., case studies, slide decks, briefs, etc.) to give us a better sense of your skills.