Built by a team of dedicated gaming enthusiasts, XBorg was founded with the mission to solve the existing power asymmetries between players and game developers. In traditional games, players support projects they believe in, boosting revenue for developers, but are entirely alienated from the value chain. XBorg has a vision of a future where the players and developers experience the projects they believe in on equal terms, and both derive the true value of their participation in their esports ecosystems of choice. XBorg is partnered with some of the most prominent Web3 organizations, including Ultra, Zilliqa, and Polygon to bolster its mission.
XBorg is the gaming venture of SwissBorg, a crypto app revolutionizing wealth management with 700,000 users.
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XBorg website
XBorg pitch deck
XBorg Litepaper
XBorg Whitepaper


    • Build front-end Web3 interfaces that interact with our backend code and smart contracts.
    • Envision and develop features to help build new applications.
    • Partner with product managers, designers, and community developers to understand the needs of our users and build products that address those needs.
    • Contribute to building, testing, and deploying protocols.

What you might bring

    • A passion for blockchain technology and gaming.
    • 1+ year of experience in full-time or part-time software development at an IT / Fintech company or you’ve built your own products/projects as a lead developer.
    • Experience with Solidity, backend, and frontend development (Ideally familiar with React.jsNext.js, MongoDB, SQL, and node.js).
    • Comfortable with and have worked with other decentralized blockchain systems and DeFi protocols before.