About Protocol Labs

Protocol Labs drives breakthroughs in computing to push humanity forward. Protocol Labs is a product-development lab, but behind the protocols and tools we build, behind the research and implementations, are passionate people, teammates, and community members. Most teams in the Protocol Labs Network are fully distributed and work remotely around the world. Engineers, researchers, and operators work in the open to improve the internet — humanity’s most important technology — as we explore new advances at the intersection of many exciting fields (web3, cryptography, networks, distributed systems) and cultures (startups, research, open-source, distributed work).

What we’re looking for

We are looking for an engineer that can contribute toward the design, implementation and optimization of cloud native and on-premise infrastructure, supporting team and stakeholder objectives.

An Infrastructure (DevOps) Engineer who would work within an agile team of engineers, delivering highly resilient, scalable, automated, and performant infrastructure. Our team values pragmatic, maintainable, and conscientious solutions which leave work in a better shape than how it was found. Typical activities include (but not limited to) contributing infrastructure-as-code via GitHub pull request using helm, kubernetes, and terraform; monitoring and maintaining filecoin core infrastructure, automating and instrumenting devnet creation and maintenance; interacting with partners on which our infrastructure is dependent; troubleshooting processing pipelines and cloud infrastructure; designing, creating and deploying software solutions to cover functional gaps; and/or participate in regular meetings with colleagues to keep stakeholders well-informed.

Fil-Infra’s main goal is to operate and monitor core Filecoin network infrastructure and drive operational improvements in Lotus to increase network resiliency and general Filecoin adoption.

As part of the NetOps team, Fil-Infra is supporting the adoption and growth of the decentralized Internet by building software infrastructure for implementation of the Filecoin, IPFS protocols, and operating them as services that can be consumed in a secure, reliable, and scalable manner. We succeed through team work, favoring simplicity over sophistication, and fostering sense of community.

As a FIL-Infra DevOps/SRE Engineer at Protocol Labs, you will…

  • Participate on an on-call rotation to respond to Filecoin core infrastructure availability incidents and provide support for service engineers with partners/customer incidents.
  • Use your on-call shift to prevent incidents from ever happening.
  • Run our infrastructure with Terraform and Kubernetes.
  • Make monitoring and alerting alert on symptoms and not on outages.
  • Improve the deployment process to be repeatable and predictable.
  • Automate Lotus network devnet deployments and develop tooling for validation and monitoring.
  • Design, build and maintain core infrastructure pieces that allow api.chain.love to support hundreds of thousands of concurrent users.
  • Debug production issues across services and levels of the stack.
  • Plan the growth of Filecoin infrastructure.
  • Work closely with our partner teams to understand how to build/test/deploy software applications

You may be a fit for this role if you have….

  • 4+ years experience as SRE/DevOps Engineer
  • Demonstrable experience in Containerization-Docker and orchestration (Kubernetes)
  • Demonstrable experience in CI/CD tools such as CircleCI, Github Actions and Helm
  • Experience with Infrastructure As Code (Terraform, Ansible)
  • Basic programming and scripting skills (preferably Golang, bash, shell, etc.,)
  • Ability to provide advice, best practices and recommendations for the operation and deployment of AWS.
  • Knowledge and proven hands-on experience in Data Centres is an asset, but optional
  • Experience in monitoring and analyzing infrastructure performance using standard performance monitoring tools.
  • Familiarity with Linux systems and command line system administration such as Bash, VIM, SSH.
  • Network routing, Load balancing and Networking protocols, a base knowledge of TCP/IP, with an understanding of HTTP and DNS

What’s it like to work at Protocol Labs?

Protocol Labs’ mission is to improve humanity’s most important technology, the Internet. We build protocols, systems, and tools to improve how it works. Today, we are focused on how we store, locate, and move information. Our projects include IPFS, Filecoin, libp2p, and more.

As a distributed team, we hire anywhere in the world, and at various levels of experience (entry, senior, staff). We look for people with unique perspectives and diverse backgrounds.

We have a great benefits package, including parental leave, contributions to your retirement, competitive pay, and unlimited time off. For U.S.-based employees, we also provide platinum-level health, dental, and vision coverage for you and your family.

If you’re passionate about the future of computing and a more democratized internet, we want to talk to you.